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Recommended Home loans was set up for the specific purpose of expanding the options in lending for blue collar workers. We recognize that not everyone is on an income of $200k and that spending money on a mortgage to boost the profits of greedy lenders is money wasted. That money could be spent on securing a better future for the individual.

Recommended Home loans diligently services clients with proper analysis of the market and lending circumstances of the individual to recommended an appropriate cost-effective option. Our customers are a valued resource and we strive to meet that value. Recommended Home Loans is extensively supported by Finsure Aggregation and industry body the FBAA, together we have assembled a strong and prosperous team


Hayden Young was for many years a blue-collar worker just like the people we service and found too that it can be difficult to get the respect of the lenders that others with massive income get. Seeing a demand in the market Hayden left his employment and started Recommended Home Loans and has now been qualified in mortgage broking for 10 years as well as qualified in business for 17 years. Hayden has won multiple business awards.


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We know people have questions, that's why we have prepared this section to answer a few of the most common ones. If you have further questions, not listed below, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Our services won't cost you a cent. Commonly, brokers get their fees paid by the lender after your finance has settled.

Brokers are here with a stockpile of knowledge and contacts. It is our job to help you from start to finish with research, paperwork, communicating with the lender and finally settlement. We handle all of the paperwork and communication for you to ensure a smooth and easy process.

Often, Brokers have relationships with various lenders. We go through a process of accreditation with each lender which builds trust and opens the door to beneficial rates and services. Get in touch today and we will see if we can negotiate on your behalf.


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